It is VIP TOP USD event. Money must be spent to participate in this event.

Available at village level 10.
World Tree Wish Event


Players must purchase Wishing Cards using real money to participate. Wishing Cards can then be used on one of the four items currently offered by the event. Being the only player to bet on an item DOES NOT guarantee that the item will be won.


Known prizes are

1x Ice Hat Lv.1

1x Ice Jacket Lv.1

1x Sea Breeze Fashion

1x Viking Skill Book Lv.6

20x Excellent Cornelians

50x Tribal Armbands

50x Normal Flint

50x White Wax

50x Bones

50x Black Jades

100x Bull Horns

200x Sacred Crystals

200x Research Guides

200x Fashion Piece

10k Odinite

200k Silver

In game help

1. In the Wishing Tree Event, the World Tree collects everyone's wishes and blesses one lucky elder from among the wishers, giving them Tool they wished for.

2. When the Wishing Tree is full, or when the Wishing Countdown has finished, this Tool Blessing will be over. The lucky player to receive this Tool will be chosen.

3. The more Wishing Cards contributed towards a Tool, the higher the chance to receive it. For example: Contribute 70% of Wishing Cards to have a 70% chance to get this Tool.

4. If you contribute all Wishing Cards needed for this Tool, you will directly receive it.

5. If you have already contributed 30% of Wishing Cards, but have not been chosen as a lucky player, you can use the completion function to contribute the remaining 70% of Wishing Cards and get this Tool. This function is only activated if you have contributed more than 30% of Wishing cards.

6. Wishing Cards and Rewards will not be saved until the next event. Please remember to use your Wishing Cards and Tools.

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