Players can cultivate fish in this building. Different type of fish give different rewards.

Viking Fishing Grounds (cultivate)

Viking Fishing Grounds (harvest all)

Types and rewards

There a four options to choose from

  1. Cultivate a fish that gives Silver (one of the best choices, there is no prison yet, so no worries about loss while being off-line)
  2. Cultivate a fish that gives Village Experience (why to accelerating levelling-up? with higher level, harder monsters appear in Helheim)
  3. Cultivate a fish that gives Odinite
  4. Cultivate a fish that gives Sacred Crystals

Unlocking extra slots

One slot is given to each player from the beginning. If you choose to, you can unlock more slots for a price. This will of course pay itself back after a certain time.

Pool number Cost
2 5k Silver

5 Excellent Cornelians

3 10k Silver

10 Excellent Cornelians

4 100 Gold
5 200 Gold
6 400 Gold
7 800 Gold
8 1600 Gold (need confirmation)
9 3200 Gold (need confirmation)

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