Viking Cup is a Monthly Event.

Registration is required for an attempt at one of the 32 places available in the competing event. Other than the 32 competing in the event, all players are allowed to bet on fights.

Requires Village Level 15 to participate.

Cup main


Registration for the event is open for a few days before the preliminary rounds and first round.

Registration lasts for 3 days. The preliminary round lasts for 1 day. The tournament lasts for 5 days.

Registration is only for players wishing for a place in the top 32. Unregistered players can still make bets on fights.

Unlike the arena and the Leader boards which have their own separate battle groups, all players from all battle groups compete in the Viking Cup.

Betting on a round is allowed for 18 hours on the day of that round prior to that round starting at 01:00 server time. Betting is closed an hour before the first round starts. Each round lasts 5 hours.

Time Event
01:00 Betting opened
19:00 No more bets accepted
20:00 First Round
21:00 Second Round
22:00 Third Round
23:00 Fourth Round
00:00 Fifth Round
01:00 Next match Starts. Betting opened

Competing players may change their hero formation in between rounds.

Each bet costs some silver. A winning bet will receive some silver and odinite while a losing bet will gain nothing. The bet is lost either way.

Betting on fights is not available to competing players. Even after a competing player is knocked out, they are still unable to make a bet.

You can bet on at most 5 fights in a round.

Winning bets can be collected after a round ends.

Competing players can only collect rewards after the event ends.
Cup Competition screen

Betting Prizes

Round Bet Wager Prize Max Profit
Silver Odinite Silver Odinite
Round of 32 1200 1800 200 3000 1000
Sweet 16 1600 2400 240 4000 1200
Elite 8 2000 3000 350 4000 1400
Final 4 4000 6000 800 4000 1600
Finals 8000 12000 1800 4000 1800
Total Sum 19k 7000

Competitor Prizes

These prizes are available to the 32 players competing in the event.

The prizes can only be collected after the end of the tournament after all places are finalized.

Rank Silver Odinite Tribal Armbands Sacred Crystals Skill Books Lv.1
1 100k 20k 50 120 10
2 75k 16k 40 90
4 60k 14k 30 60
8 50k 12k 20
16 40k 10k 15
32 30k 8k 10


Qualification Round has different players fight a different number of rounds. Some players fight more often than others leading to a disadvantage since there are more chances to lose.

Viking Cup Bug