Witch Soldier: Libar invor aktu monn! (Witch Language)

Mysterious Witch: Not bad. Your training has not been in vain.

Asgeir: This is the border of the Viking Isles. Who are you?

Mysterious Witch: Hmph. I've come for the treasures of your Viking Isles!

Final Wave

Troll Chief: Tiny creatures unable to withstand a single blow. We Trolls will let you experience the taste of defeat!

Asgeir: Bring it on! Vikings have never feared anyone!

Troll Chief: Ha ha ha! I am starving! Who will be my dinner?

After the battle

Mysterious Witch: Haven't you Vikings always been bad at magic? I'll be back!

Asgeir: Magni, what just happened?

Magni: As long as Vikings believe, when they meet with crisis they will receive Odin's protection. You must believe this.But they can only temporarily control him. We Vikings will have to solve the rest for yourselves.

After the battle

Asgeir: Brother, you left the Viking Isles to study more skills. You've been gone for ten years!

Waldemar: It seems I've come back just in time.

Asgeir: Magni is at the training ground training soldiers. You can go find him!

Waldemar: I haven't seen my father in a long time.

Magni: The Ice Alley is extremely treacherous. We must be careful.

Asgeir: These creatures are far more powerful than we first thought. They can take anything that we dish out.

After the battle

Magni: Great Soothsayer, please tell me, what will happen to our island?

Spallbodi: The Voodoo Altar is a dark place and it is where the Troll Chief makes sacrifices. But no, maybe it's not the Troll Chief. I can't say anymore. You must return from where you come from.

Magni: Fine, we'll head to the Troll Village.

Vigdis: I'll leave you now. If fate allows, we'll meet again.

Ancestral Cemestry

Ancestral Corpser: Fyrir kvennalid eda mungat...

Asgeir: What are they saying? They look so familiar. Are they our ancestors?! My father once told me about a great Dragon Commander and his mural is just right here. I think that's him there actually!

Vigdis: He's been resurrected! He's a slave to the Witches.

After winning

Ancestral Corpser: Thank you, my children. You've freed me from the Witches' clutch!

Waldemar: We've found the antidote. How will we cleanse our ancestors?

Ancestral Corpser: Continue forth to the Sacred Mountain. You'll find what you need to help your ancestors there.

Magni: Fine. Waldemar, return to the Viking Isles with the antidote, while the rest of us will continue to the Sacred Mountain.

Dragon's Den

Red Dragon Queen: ROAR!!!!

A giant Red Dragon suddenly appears and is flying above the volcano. Its scream pierce the ears of anyone who is nearby.

Torstein: It's the Witches! They want to awake the Red Dragon!

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