Hero stats tell you how strong your heroes will be in battle! This is what each stat means:

Attack: How much damage the hero does on each attack.

Magic Damage: The damage your hero's skills do.

Attack Range: How far your hero can use a ranged attack.

Attack Speed: How fast your hero attacks.

Crit Chance: The chance of dealing a critical hit for extra damage on a normal attack.

Crit Damage: How much damage a crit does.

Accuracy: This seems to stay at 100% so it has an unconfirmed purpose.

HP: How much damage the hero can take before dying.

Armor: Reduces damage taken from physical attacks.

Magic Resistance: Reduces damage taken from magical attacks.

Dodge Chance: The chance of your hero dodging an attack.

Ice Defense: Reduces damage taken by Ice attacks.

Ice Attack: ???

Poison Defense: Reduces damage taken by Poison attacks.

Poison Attack: ???

Fire Defense: Reduces damage taken by Fire attacks.

Fire Attack: ???

Electric Defense: Reduces damage taken by Electric attacks.

Electric Attack: ???

Revive Time: The time it takes your hero to come back to life once killed in battle.

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