Six-Tipped Position is the 7th map in the Dreamland Forest world

6 tipped position map

Waves: 6

Starting Goods: 1450

Lives: 20

Towers Allowed: Archers, Barracks, Altars, Catapults


Towers Needed: Multi-Catapult, Earthquake, Altar of Ice + Cold Piercer

Tower Level Needed:

Catapults Elite-1-40+

Altars Elite-1-???

Start by building 2 earthquakes and an altar as shown

Six-Tipped Position phase 1

Upgrade the altar to Altar of Ice + Cold Piercer (1 star)

Do the same thing with another altar right next to the original.

Six-Tipped Position Phase 2

Build 2 Multi-Catapults in the bottom corners as shown

Six-Tipped Position phase 3

Build 2 Multi-Catapults in the middle

Six-Tipped Position phase 4


Move Vigdis around to attack the flying enemies and the huge tanks.

Use the Freeze Powerups on the sides to freeze the dancers at the beginning, the swarm of trees at the end, and also the groups of tanks all throughout the middle.

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