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Viking Isles

Title Requirement Reward How to Unlock
Grolesque Witches Complete Level 2 in the Viking Isles on Normal Complete Level 1
Evil Place Complete Level 3 in the Viking Isles on Normal (Village Center) 250 EXP, 930 Silver Complete Grolesque Witches
Soothsayer's Suggestion Complete Level 4 in the Viking Isles on Normal 250 EXP, 210 Silver Complete Evil Place
New Power 300 EXP, 240 Gold
Return to the Lost Land 300 EXP, 270 Gold

New Tower Type

Requirement Rewards How to Unlock
Unlock the Adept Altar 300 EXP, 300 Gold
Unlock a New Tower 600 EXP, 100 Gold

Unlimited Magic

No. Requirements Rewards
1 1000 EXP, 100 Gold

Hard Levels

Title Requirement Rewards How to unlock
Victorious Complete Level 1 in the Viking Isles on Hard 200 EXP, 90 Silver Village Level 4

Legend of The Dragon

Requirement Rewards How to unlock
Feed a Dragon 1 time 300 EXP, 2000 Gold Complete Victorious 1

Solid Foundation

No. Req. Rewards
1 350 EXP, 120 Gold

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