This event is available to all players. Higher level prizes are limited to paying players only.

This event has very poor returns, and VIP players are recommended to spend real money or gold elsewhere.

Requires Village Level 6 to play.

Grand Voyage Event


Supplies are spent traveling to islands which have treasure chests for the player to open. 3000 Supplies are given to the player after reset daily even if the player does not load the game. More supplies can be acquired by spending gold in game.

Each 1 Gold spent allows 200 supplies to be collected.

Grand Voyage Event map1
Grand Voyage Event Map 2
Grand Voyage Event Map 3


Supplies are NOT cumulative. Supplies are used up as you travel to each island.

Island Need Supplies Gold Spent to Unlock Rewards
Exotic Sepang 12k 60 10 Research Guides 2500 Silver 10 Milk 10 Hourglass
Lava Mine 30k 150 2 Cornelians 10 Research Guides 30 Solid Bronze 10 Hourglass
Beautiful Isle 60k 300 1 Regular Spoils of War 4 Tribal Armbands 10 Research Guides 30 Damaged Pelts 800 Odinite 10 Hourglass
Stranded Isle 120k 600 4 Cornelians 10 Sacred Crystals 10 Research Guides 5000 Silver 20 Ancestral Helmet Piece
Endless Green City 200k 1000 6 Tribal Armbands 10 Sacred Crystals 10 Research Guides 5000 Silver 20 Ancestral Armor Piece
Pirate Land 300k 1500 6 Skill Book Lv.1 10 Bull Horns 2400 Odinite 7500 Silver 20 Ancestral Blade Piece
Boulder Isle 420k 2100 1 Rare Spoils of War 6 Cornelians 20 Bull Horns 20 Sacred Crystals 7500 Silver 20 Ancestral Necklace Piece
Dragon Bone Isle 600k 3000 14 Tribal Armbands 30 Bull Horns 20 Sacred Crystals 2400 Odinite 10k Silver
Seaside Isle 900k 4500 10 Normal Flint 8 Cornelians 30 Bull Horns 30 Sacred Crystals 50k Silver
Gold and Silver Isle 1380k 6900 20 Normal Flint 20 Tribal Armbands 40 Bull Horns 40 Sacred Crystals 8000 Odinite
Resurrection Isle 2000k 10000 1 Random Special Attire Chest 1 Rare Spoils of War 20 Normal Flint 50 Bull Horns 50 Sacred Crystals 100k Silver
Regular Spoils of War
Rare Spoils of War
Random Special Attire Chest


The first 2 islands can be accessed just using the free supplies given to you everyday. Free supplies are collected even if the player misses loading the game a day or more.

The event lasts 14 days, and 3000 supplies are given daily. 14*3000=42000 supplies for free by the last day of the event. 42000 supplies are exactly enough to open the first 2 chests. The 3rd chest would require 300 gold or on average 21.43 gold spent per day over 14 days.

Gold Cost Analysis

29,900 Gold must be spent during the 2 weeks of the event to unlock all chests other than the first two chests.

A direct purchase of gold using 2500 USD will give 32,000 gold. This will give the player 1 random Pirate Fashion and 2100 left over gold. This is a very bad investment considering the other items can be gotten elsewhere in the game.

VIP 6 and above players can purchase almost everything in the regular game shop for a much cheaper price. Excellent cornelians are purchasable on occasion but almost all other items can be purchased at any time.

Generally you massively overpay for some silver, odinite, hourglasses, milk (spirit), and a few equipment pieces.

VIP 3 and above get a further discount of 5 gold when spending 100 gold or more in the in game store making this a terrible event to spend gold or real money on.

The player should not spend gold if it is just for this event. If gold is going to be spent, then this event's rewards should be thought of as a bonus.

Island Gold Spent to Unlock Gold to buy in Shop Rewards not gold purchasable
Exotic Sepang 60 20 2500 Silver 10 Hourglass 10 Milk
Lava Mine 150 71 10 Hourglass
Beautiful Isle 300 130 800 Odinite 10 Hourglass 1 Regular Spoils of War
Stranded Isle 600 154 5000 Silver 20 Ancestral Helmet Piece
Endless Green City 1000 190 5000 Silver 20 Ancestral Armor Piece
Pirate Land 1500 200 7500 Silver 2400 Odinite 20 Ancestral Blade Piece
Boulder Isle 2100 326 7500 Silver 20 Ancestral Necklace Piece 1 Rare Spoils of War
Dragon Bone Isle 3000 530 10k Silver 2400 Odinite
Seaside Isle 4500 668 50k Silver
Gold and Silver Isle 6900 1200 8000 Odinite
Resurrection Isle 10000 900 100k Silver 1 Rare Spoils of War 1 Random Special Attire Chest


Multiple players have reported lag and browser crashes after loading the event window. Since you collect daily goods automatically, it is recommended to only load the event when needed.

If you would go over the individual item quantity cap of 30 for Hourglasses in your inventory by collecting a prize, then extra Hourglasses will disappear. For example, you have 25 Hourglasses in your inventory and collect the first prize of items which contain 10 hourglasses, then you will only have 30 Hourglasses since those have a cap of 30 in the inventory. The extra 5 hourglasses will not appear in the "Temporary" inventory tab. It is unknown if this applies to other items as the other prizes have very high caps.

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