This is a pay only event. Money must be spent.

Requires minimum Village Lv.10 to participate.

Foreign Envoy Event


Purchase chests with real world money. Each Gift pack can only be purchased once.


Foreign Envoy Gift Pack

Noble Gift Pack

Free Man Gift Pack

Leader Gift Pack

Supreme Gift Pack

Server available Kongregate Armorgames Kongregate




Cost 100 Kreds USD 2.0 300 Kreds

USD 30.0

600 Kreds

USD 60.0

Contents 150 Gold

2 Excellent Cornelian

20 Research Guide

5 Milk

400 Odinite

1250 Silver

10 Gold

1 Excellent Cornelian

5 Turf

5 Milk

10 Research Guide

10 Regular Wild Python Tonic

10 Solid Bronze

400 Gold

4 Excellent Cornelian

8 Tribal Armband

5 Milk

800 Odinite

2500 Silver

800 Gold

8 Excellent Cornelian

16 Tribal Armband

10 Milk

1600 Odinite

5000 Silver

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