Special events are added to the game after the game update on Thursdays.

Events are only in the game for a limited time, but they offer many great rewards.

You can learn about all of the events here:

Ancient Treasure Chest

Beer Feast(second time 2016/10/20~11/2)

Deep Sea Fishing

Fenrir's Escape (World Boss)

Foreign Envoy Gift Pack

Generous Merchant

Grand Voyage

Halloween Puzzle Activity(2016/10/27-11/9)

Lucky Lottery

New Soldier Recruitment

Summer Plantation Also called "Winter Planting"

Top Up Target

Viking Cup

Viking Hunter(2016/10/20-28)

Viking Warrior

World Tree Wish (2016/11/3-11/16)

Event Dates

Event Start Date End Date
Beer Feast 2016/10/20 2016/11/2
Halloween Puzzle Activity 2016/10/27 2016/11/9
Summer Plantation 2017/3/9 2017/3/22
World Tree Wish 2017/3/16 2017/3/29
Ancient Treasure Chest 2017/3/23 2017/4/5
Foreign Envoy Gift Pack 2017/3/30 2017/4/5
Lucky Lottery 2017/4/13 2017/4/26
New Soldier Recruitment 2017/4/20 2017/5/3
Foreign Envoy Gift Pack 2017/4/27 2017/5/3
Grand Voyage 2017/5/4 2017/5/17
Viking Cup 2017/5/18 2017/5/22
World Tree Wish 2017/5/18 2017/5/31
Deep Sea Fishing 2017/5/25 2017/6/7
Top Up Target 2017/5/25 2017/6/7
Foreign Envoy Gift Pack 2017/6/1 2017/6/7
Viking Hunter 2017/6/1 2017/6/9
Summer Plantation 2017/6/8 2017/6*/21
Deep Sea Fishing 2017/6/15 2017/6/28
Top Up Target 2017/6/15 2017/6/28
Viking Warrior 2017/6/22 2017/7/5
Beer Feast 2017/6/22 2017/7/5

*Summer Plantation is stated to end on 2017/6/21 but players were given an extra day. This is unique, and it is unknown if it will happen again.

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