Special events are added to the game after the game update on Thursdays. Sometimes it takes an hour or two to begin. You must refresh or reload your internet browser to participate in new events.

Events offer many great rewards but are only in the game for a limited time of one or two weeks.

You can learn about all of the events here:

Ancient Treasure Chest

Beer Feast

Billionaire (also used in Christmas 2016 and Valentines 2017 event)

Deep Sea Fishing

Fenrir's Escape (World Boss)

Foreign Envoy Gift Pack

Generous Merchant

Grand Voyage

Halloween Puzzle Activity

Lucky Lottery

New Soldier Recruitment

Recharge Gifts

Summer Plantation Also called "Winter Planting"

Top Up Target

Viking Cup

Viking Hunter

Viking Warrior

World Tree Wish

Event Dates

Event Start Date End Date
Beer Feast before 2016/10/20 First Instance
Beer Feast 2016/10/20 2016/11/2
Viking Hunter 2016/10/20 2016/10/28
Halloween Puzzle Activity 2016/10/27 2016/11/9
World Tree Wish 2016/11/3 2016/11/16
Summer Plantation 2017/3/9 2017/3/22
World Tree Wish 2017/3/16 2017/3/29
Ancient Treasure Chest 2017/3/23 2017/4/5
Foreign Envoy Gift Pack 2017/3/30 2017/4/5
Lucky Lottery 2017/4/13 2017/4/26
New Soldier Recruitment 2017/4/20 2017/5/3
Foreign Envoy Gift Pack 2017/4/27 2017/5/3
Grand Voyage 2017/5/4 2017/5/17
Viking Cup 2017/5/18 2017/5/22
World Tree Wish 2017/5/18 2017/5/31
Deep Sea Fishing 2017/5/25 2017/6/7
Top Up Target 2017/5/25 2017/6/7
Foreign Envoy Gift Pack 2017/6/1 2017/6/7
Viking Hunter 2017/6/1 2017/6/9
Summer Plantation 2017/6/8 2017/6*/21
Deep Sea Fishing 2017/6/15 2017/6/28
Top Up Target 2017/6/15 2017/6/28
Viking Warrior 2017/6/22 2017/7/5
Beer Feast 2017/6/22 2017/7/5
Generous Merchant 2017/6/29 2017/7/5
Billionaire 2017/6/29 2017/7/12
Viking Warrior 2017/7/6 2017/7/19
Beer Feast 2017/7/6 2017/7/19
Recharge Gifts 2017/7/6 2017/7/19
Generous Merchant 2017/7/13 2017/7/19
Ancient Treasure Chest 2017/7/13 2017/7/26
Grand Voyage 2017/7/20 2017/8/2
Foreign Envoy Gift Pack 2017/7/27 2017/8/2
Lucky Lottery 2017/7/20*2 2017/8/9
Summer Plantation 2017/8/3 2017/8/16
World Tree Wish 2017/8/3 2017/8/16
Top Up Target 2017/8/10 2017/8/23
Deep Sea Fishing 2017/8/10 2017/8/23
Foreign Envoy Gift Pack 2017/8/17 2017/8/23
Viking Warrior 2017/8/17 2017/8/30

*Summer Plantation is stated to end on 2017/6/21 but players were given an extra day. This is unique, and it is unknown if it will happen again.

*2 Lucky Lottery has a mislabeled in game date. It starts on the 27th instead of the 20th. The dates are possibly entered by a person rather than automatically by computer.

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