Deep Sea fishing is a temporary event in Viking Age.

The event is similar to a (weighted) prize wheel where you click and receive a semi random item from the list of prizes.

Requires Village Level 10 to play.
Deep Sea Fishing event


You can throw a net anywhere on the fishing map by clicking.

You can throw nets 3 times a day for free.

Unused free throws are not saved for the next reset. After reset you will have 3 free daily throws.

You can buy extra throws for 10 gold each.

Every time you throw a net, you will get 1 reward from the list of rewards and 1 Skill.

If you reach a Skill Milestone before the event ends, you can open a chest to get extra rewards.

Left over fishing tries and fishing skill is not carried over the next time this event is held.

If you purchase any duration of the "Buy All" Ancestral Contracts during the event, you will gain 50 fishing tries as a bonus.

Fishing Rewards

There are 39 different rewards you can get from fishing.

The rewards at the top of the list are rarer and harder to get than the rewards at the bottom of the list.

Dragon Claw (Epic Orange Weapon) was added to the rewards on 17/6/15

1 Vigdis Fashion 1 Hilde Fashion 1 Waldemar Fashion 1 Gunnar Fashion
1 Dragon Claw 1 Ice Wristbands 1 God Token 1 Excellent Cornelian
100 Gold 1 Tribal Armband 1 Normal Flint 100K Silver
16K Odinite 20 Ancestral Helmet Piece 20 Ancestral Armor Piece 20 Ancestral Blade Piece
20 Ancestral Necklace Piece 1 Viking Skill Book Lv.1 1 Ice Dragon Egg 10 Sacred Crystals
50 Gold 1 Bull Horn 1 Health Charm 1 Material Box
1 Gold Apple 2 Sacred Crystals 1 Milk 50K Silver
8000 Odinite 1 Sacred Crystal 20 Gold 5 Damaged Pelt
5 Regular Rhino Horn Tonic 5 Solid Bronze 5 Regular Wild Python Tonic 5000 Silver
2500 Silver 800 Odinite 400 Odinite

Hero Fashion rewards change with each event. So far the Sea Breeze set and the Valentine's set have been seen.

Skill Chest Rewards

If you reach a certain amount of Skills, you can open a chest for additional rewards

You can only get the 1st chest without spending gold for additional throws

Skills Required Rewards
20 1 Ice Dragon Egg 1 Material Box 2000 Silver 400 Odinite
60 20 Research Guides 2 Excellent Cornelians 4000 Silver 800 Odinite
150 20 Tribal Armbands 2 Excellent Cornelians 10 Milk 8000 Silver 1200 Odinite
400 20 Viking Skill Books Lv.1 20 Tribal Armbands 2 Excellent Cornelians 12K Silver 1600 Odinite
1000 80 Sacred Crystals 20 Tribal Armbands 10 Excellent Cornelians 16K Silver 2000 Odinite
2000 80 Sacred Crystals 20 Viking Skill Books Lv.1 20 Excellent Cornelians 20K Silver 2400 Odinite

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