Dark Alley is the 1st level in the Dream Forest

Dark Alley

Hard Mode

Lives: 1

Starting Goods: 900

Allowed Towers: Archers, Barracks, Altars, Catapults

Waves: 1

Wave 1:

Top: 30 Tree Sprout, 14 Flower Elf, 11 Dark Elf Guard, 22 Dark Elf Archer

Left: 32 Flower Elf, 17 Dark Elf Guard

Bottom: 10 Dark Elf Guard, 12 Blade-toothed Panther


Towers / Skill Needed: Earthquake, Ballista + Explosive Shot

Tower Levels Needed: Catapults Excellent-1-30 (easier with higher level), Archer Excellent-2-21 (can most likely be done with much lower level)

Use magics where there are a lot of Dark Elves and Flower Elves. They are the hardest things for your Earthquakes to kill. Use Reinforcements to help keep the enemies from attacking your heroes.

Initial Setup:

Dark Alley Hard Setup

Remove the tree stump for the tower spot and build a T3 catapult.

Place heroes as shown.

As soon as you have enough goods, immediately upgrade the T3 catapult to an Earthquake tower

Mid-level Setup:

Dark Alley Hard Mid-Level Setup

As you get more goods, build another earthquake as shown.

Move heroes slightly towards the exit if needed.

Final Setup:

Dark Alley Hard Final Setup

As you get more goods, build a Ballista + Explosive Shot

If you still can't beat this level, Fortify your Catapults. with a certain level of catapults this level will become super easy.