BUG&Tips The game have some bug . In some cases, an error occurs

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conclusion : Status Data is only for reference 結論 : ステータスデータは参考用です 數值僅供參考

1 Not much impact

Village power down and up abnormal異常

Disassemble low grade sea 70% back ,it No recovery to 70%

Clans Skill effects Is inconsistent with the description of the effect 実際の効果は説明と一致しない

Aura Quarters about "sell all" ...Eat money , Do not fast is all right 速くない

Smog Forest In some cases, an error occurs "MAX ALL" is Brokenブロークン(no max マックスしてない)

2 important バグ

Viking Hunter(2016/10/20-28)

3 Tips

Fenrir's Escape "witch, stone, bow, tank" The formation can eat 5 damage

SET ARMY Character(Tower?) can drag