Gold Cards

There are 7 Gold Cards. These Cards are rare.

10 Tribal Armbands

20 Ancestral Helmet Pieces

20 Ancestral Armor Pieces

20 Ancestral Blade Pieces

20 Ancestral Necklace Pieces

5 Viking Skill Books

5 Tribal Armbands

Bronze Cards

There are 14 Bronze Cards. These Cards are very common.

1 Tribal Armband

5 Ancestral Helmet Pieces

5 Ancestral Armor Pieces

5 Ancestral Blade Pieces

5 Ancestral Necklace Pieces

2 Ancestral Helmet Pieces

2 Ancestral Armor Pieces

2 Ancestral Blade Pieces

2 Ancestral Necklace Pieces

1 Viking Skill Book

5 Sacred Crystals

1 Normal Flint

600 Odinite

2500 Silver

Low Cards

There are 6 Low Cards. These Cards are common.

1 Sacred Crystal

1 Bull Horn

1000 Silver

300 Odinite

100 Odinite

300 Silver

All rewards


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